Tomasz Szymkowiak


Tom Szymkowiak is a co-founder of Genealogy Tour. He has been conducting genealogy research for about 10 years tracing the lineages and history of Polish families, whose members have emigrated, due to different reasons, from Poland and Ukraine. His clients are mainly the citizens of the USA, Canada, Australia, Israel, and various European countries. Tom provides them with information about their relatives, family property and places of residence. By carrying out the research all over Poland Ukraine, etc.  and going in person to all the places that need to be visited, he is able to access the information which seems to be lost. His forte is the genealogy of Galician and Jewish families. He is a people person who makes friends easily so any family re-union that he takes part in is not a family drama. He organizes memorable heritage trips across Poland and eastern Europe (Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus). Tom speaks fluently Polish, English, German and Spanish and he is familiar with Latin and Russian which comes in handy when he needs to decipher old documents.

Adam Zalewski

is a Founder and Co-Owner of Genealogy Tour, researcher and tour guide for over 15 years. He is an expert on the genealogy of Roman Catholic, Evangelic and Greek Catholics, Pomerania, and Poland.

Tomasz Szymkowiak

is a Co-founder of Genealogy Tour. He has been conducting genealogy research for about 15 years tracing the lineages and history of Polish families, whose members have emigrated from Poland and Ukraine. 

Karolina Moder

joined Geneaology Tour recently ago, but she has passion for genealogy as long as she remembers. Her love for genealogy remained and years later she was able to merge passion and work and became a genealogy researcher. Karolina grew to enjoy assessing family trees and heritage.

Nadzeya Rozbytskaya

joined our team over a year ago. Belarus-born, Nadzeya has spent 7 years in Ukraine and has over 8 years of family history and genealogy experience. Linguistic skills and attention to details help her to decipher the most challenging Russian, Polish, German, and Latin records.

Katarzyna Kaptur

has a great passion for creating interesting graphics and genealogy research. In the team, she is responsible for maintaining the website and managing the Genealogy Tour's social networks.

Anna Orłowska

With her extensive knowledge about languages and translation of old documents, she is the backbone of Genealogy Tour. She is an expert in translating Polish and Russian documents into English.