Adam Zalewski


Adam Zalewski is a co-founder of Genealogy Tour, researcher, and tour guide for over 10 years. He is an expert on the genealogy of Roman Catholic, Evangelic, and Greek Catholic families from Prussia, Pomerania, and central Poland. He can communicate in English, German, and Ukrainian. His other forte is local research – many people believe that he can find any grave in Poland. He is efficient and proactive, when others procrastinate, he gives you result in no time. Adam is experienced in dealing with Polish registries of vital records, Polish administration, and local authorities. He also specialized in extraordinary tailor-made yours and is a perfect tour leader during our group tours.

Adam Zalewski

is a Founder and Co-Owner of Genealogy Tour, researcher and tour guide for over 15 years. He is an expert on the genealogy of Roman Catholic, Evangelic and Greek Catholics, Pomerania, and Poland.

Tomasz Szymkowiak

is a Co-founder of Genealogy Tour. He has been conducting genealogy research for about 15 years tracing the lineages and history of Polish families, whose members have emigrated from Poland and Ukraine.