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For whom?

If you know that your forefathers came from the area of the current or former territory of Poland, but don’t know much about it, we will tell you what part of Poland they came from.


How it works 

  • Fill in the simple form.
  • Our specialists will check several databases from Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, and Lithuania.
  • Within three days you will receive a personalized response telling you what part of the country your ancestors might have come from.
  • Along with the response, we’ll suggest some further steps in case you are willing to go further.


Thank you for filling out your information!
Our specialist will look over your request and get back to you by tomorrow.


For whom?

If you are aware of your Polish heritage and have any additional information about those who came from Poland, and are interested in any of the following:

  • Creating your family tree from zero,
  • Expanding your family tree,
  • Finding an exact place of origin of your ancestors,
  • Learning about their occupation, social status, nobility, etc.
  • Genealogy translations,
  • Other

This service is definitely for you! Please fill in the form giving us as much information as you have – but don’t worry – not all are required to go further, you can also provide it later.


How it works?

  • Fill in the form.
  • Our specialist will check your information, check our databases, and confirm the availability of records.
  • Within 3 days our researcher will suggest further steps and help you choose one of our packages, or ask you additional questions.
  • You chose the package adjusted to your goals and budget.
  • We formalize it by receiving a 30% deposit.
  • Within 4 weeks we provide the research and send you a report.
  • Our researcher will discuss the results with you, answer your question, and suggest further steps if needed.

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Thank you for filling out your information!
Our specialist will look over your request and get back to you by tomorrow.


For whom?
If you already know a lot about your Polish ancestors, but would like to go beyond the family tree, and:

  • Find the graves of your forefathers and relatives,
  • Reconnect with your living relatives in Poland,
  • See the house and the neighborhood where your family lived,
  • Find some old pictures of your forefathers,

This service is something for you!

Please contact us and tell us more about your expectations.


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