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“We appreciate your thoughtfulness and flexibility when it comes to finding places to go and people to talk to. It is clear you spent a lot of time to make this trip wonderful for us. “
Elaine, Steve, Ron – Connecticut, Aug 2019

”We had a great experience with genealogytour.com. Tom our guide and researcher, found records going back 3 generations beyond what I had been able to locate myself. “
Michelle & Ann – San Francisco, Nov 2021

Polish genealogy tours

Group Tours


Join one of our upcoming group tours and see the recent ones. Let the leading experts in Polish heritage tours take you for a trip you have never experienced before. We are open to cooperate and prepare an itinerary for your organization.

Individual Tours


Plan your visit in Poland and surrounding countries with us. For over 15 years we organize amazing heritage tours based on an individual, unique tour programs adjusted to our clients’ expectations, places of interest and budget.

Genealogy tours

Every individual has a unique story, a tapestry woven with threads of history, memory, and heritage. At GenealogyTour.com, we provide you with the unparalleled opportunity to revisit the lands, stories, and histories that have helped shape your identity. With our meticulously planned genealogy tours in Poland, you are not just a traveler; you’re a seeker on a journey to rediscover your roots.

Heritage Tours Beyond Borders

While Poland’s rich tapestry of history and culture serves as our main canvas, we understand that many genealogical threads stretch beyond its borders. With our expansive knowledge and resources, we organize heritage tours not just within Poland but also in surrounding countries. Your ancestry doesn’t limit itself by borders, and neither do our tours. Are you an organization keen on exploring the profound history and heritage of Poland? We’re open to collaborations. Allow us to design an itinerary that aligns with your organizational goals, ensuring an enriching and enlightening experience for all involved.

Delving Deeper: An Immersive Experience

As you walk through the historic streets of Poland, every cobblestone and corner echoes with stories waiting to be unveiled. These tales aren’t just of kings, warriors, or famed poets; they’re the stories of everyday people, of families, of moments of joy and sorrow. It’s here that you might find the laughter of a distant relative, the ambitions of an ancestor, or the hopes of a family member from generations past. Our genealogy tours in Poland are designed to transcend traditional sightseeing. While the grandeur of Warsaw’s palaces, the rustic charm of Krakow’s squares, or the haunting beauty of Auschwitz might enthrall the average traveler, for someone on a heritage quest, these places offer much more. They become gateways to personal histories and intimate connections.

Expert Guidance: Navigating History with Ease

Our team at GenealogyTour.com is not just skilled in curating journeys; they are storytellers, historians, and, most importantly, passionate genealogists. They understand that this isn’t a mere vacation for you. It’s a pilgrimage, a quest for identity and connection. With their in-depth knowledge of local archives, churches, and community centers, they can assist in piecing together fragments of your family story, ensuring your journey in Poland is both enlightening and deeply personal.

Why Choose GenealogyTour.com for Your Polish Heritage Journey?

The past is a mosaic of stories, places, and people. At GenealogyTour.com, we don’t just guide you through these tales; we help you live them. Our dedication to authenticity, combined with our vast experience, ensures that each tour isn’t just a trip; it’s a homecoming. With our focus on individual narratives, passion for Polish heritage, and unmatched expertise, we stand as the leading choice for all seeking to trace their lineage through the beautiful tapestry of Poland’s past. Embarking on a genealogical tour is more than just tracing your lineage; it’s about understanding your place in the larger narrative of history. At GenealogyTour.com, we are committed to making this journey a transformative experience. Join us, and let’s trace your story together.
Read more For those who revel in shared experiences, our upcoming group tours present a unique blend of camaraderie and individual exploration. Walk the lanes your ancestors once trod, stand before homes and hearths that have whispered family secrets for generations, all while sharing this profound experience with like-minded travelers. View our recent tours and see the depth and breadth of our expertise in crafting these journeys. At GenealogyTour.com, we recognize the deeply personal nature of genealogical journeys. While many may share a common homeland, each story is distinct, each connection unique. With over 15 years of experience under our belt, we’ve mastered the art of tailoring tours to fit each individual’s narrative. Share your places of interest, expectations, and budget with us, and watch as we weave together a tour that resonates deeply and personally with you.

Family Tree Tours: Personalized Journeys Through Your Ancestry

Discovering your heritage is more than just names and dates; it’s about experiencing the lives, cultures, and places that define your family story. At GenealogyTour.com, we’ve been pioneering unforgettable family tree tours for over 15 years, leading the way in personalized ancestral tours that connect you to your roots in the most authentic way possible.

Ancestral Tours: Walk in the Footsteps of Your Forebears

Our expertly curated ancestral tours offer more than a glimpse into your family’s past; they invite you to live it. Imagine walking through the same streets, gazing upon the same vistas, and embracing the culture that shaped generations before you. Our ancestry tours are meticulously planned to bring these experiences to life, bridging centuries and reuniting families with their true heritage.

Ancestry Tours: Beyond Research to Real-Life Experience

While our extensive genealogy research provides the map, our ancestry tours are the journey. We take pride in organizing tailor-made and group tours around Poland and the rest of Europe, designed to reflect your family’s unique history and bring you closer to your ancestors than you ever thought possible.

Genealogy Trip: A Journey Back in Time

Before embarking on your genealogy trip, it’s essential to have a clear roadmap. Our team offers extensive genealogy research, from on-site investigations to preliminary studies using genealogy databases and other valuable sources. Our advanced research techniques ensure that we uncover every detail about your Polish ancestors, setting the stage for a trip filled with revelations and connections.

Genealogy Tours Poland: Discover Your Ancestral Homeland

Our Poland genealogy tours are meticulously crafted to provide an immersive experience. We don’t just guide you through historical sites; we help you uncover the stories of your ancestors. Through extensive genealogy research, utilizing databases and other resources, we reveal the paths trodden by your forebears, bringing you closer to your roots than you ever imagined possible.

Poland Genealogy Tours: More Than A Journey, An Experience

tours that allow you to share the experience with like-minded individuals, GenealogyTour.com has you covered. Our Polish genealogy tours are meticulously crafted to offer a deep dive into your family’s past, taking you to ancestral homes, historical sites, and places of significance related to your lineage.

Polish Genealogy Tours: Experience the Legacy of Your Ancestors

Choosing GenealogyTour.com is entrusting your ancestral journey to dedicated professionals. Our commitment goes beyond standard tour services; we delve into extensive genealogical research, utilizing on-site, preliminary, and advanced methods to uncover your family’s story. Our expertise ensures your tour is not just informative but also deeply personal and authentic.