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Polish occupations genealogy

Polish Occupations Genealogy: A Deep Dive into the Professions of the Past

For over 15 years, GenealogyTour.com has been at the forefront of Polish genealogy and heritage tours. Our expertise extends beyond just tracing family trees. We delve deep into the history, culture, and professions that shaped the lives of our ancestors. In this post, we will explore the various occupations that were prevalent in Poland, particularly those mentioned in 19th-century Polish vital records.

Understanding the Professions of Yesteryears

The occupations of our ancestors provide a unique window into their daily lives, societal status, and the economic conditions of their times. By understanding these professions, we can gain a richer understanding of our heritage and the challenges our forebears faced.

The Significance of Occupations in Genealogy Research

Understanding the professions of our ancestors can provide context to the stories we uncover during our genealogical research. For instance, knowing that an ancestor was a ‘Cyrulik’ (Barber-Surgeon) paints a picture of a person who not only groomed hair but also performed minor surgeries.

Genealogy Tours: Walk in Your Ancestor’s Footsteps

At GenealogyTour.com, we don’t just provide you with names and dates. We offer tailor-made and group tours around Poland and the rest of Europe, allowing you to experience the places your ancestors lived, worked, and thrived. Whether it’s visiting an old artist’s studio in a quaint Polish village or walking the cobbled streets that a 19th-century ‘Handlarz (Peddler)’ might have traversed, our tours offer a tangible connection to your past.


A Glimpse into 19th Century Polish Occupations

Polish English Rough Translation
akuszerka birth assistant
aptekarz pharmacist, chemist
arendarz, arędarz inn owner, leaseholder
artysta creative artist
bakalarz educator
bankier financial banker
belek bela = timber, belka = girder
belfer cheder teaching assistant
blacharz tinsmith, plumber
browarnik brewery operator (browar = brewing facility)
brukarz road layer
bufetowy drink server
burmistrz town mayor
ceglarz brick producer
chazan religious singer
ciesla woodworker
cyrulik surgical barber
czapnik hat maker
czarownik healer, sorcerer
czeladnik skilled apprentice
czlowiek studiujacy scholar, learner
doktor medical doctor
domu czynszowego rental building
dozorca boznicny synagogue overseer
drobny kupiec small goods trader
drukarz press operator
duchowny religious clergy
dziedzic estate holder, landowner
dzierżwca tenant, lessee
ekonom, ekonomia estate manager, steward
farbarz textile dyer
fabrykant factory owner
faktor trade agent, broker
felczer surgical assistant
fryzjer hair stylist
furman wagon driver
galanternik fancy goods seller
garbarz leather tanner
garncarz clay potter
gorzelnik spirits distiller
gospodarz land farmer
górnik ore miner
grabarz tomb digger
handlarz trader
handlarz bydla livestock trader
handlarz chmielu hops merchant
handlarz drzewa timber trader
handlarz sola salt trader
handlarz zboza grain merchant
introligator binding craftsman
jalmuznik charity distributor
kahalny senior kahal member (Jewish council)
kamieniarz stone carver
kantor religious chanter
kapelusznik cap crafter
karabelnik goods peddler
karczmarz tavern owner
kominiarz flue cleaner
komornik small tenant
kotlarz metal brazier
kowal iron blacksmith
kramarz booth keeper
krawiec clothing tailor
krawiec damski women’s dressmaker
krawcowa seamstress
kreslarz drawing artist
krochmalnik starch merchant
kucharz chef
kupiec trade merchant
kuśnierz fur craftsman
laznik bathhouse attendant
lekarz medical practitioner
lesnik woods keeper
listonosz mail carrier
maczarz grain miller
majster master of craft
malarz visual artist
mleczarz milk producer
młynarz grain miller
mosiężnik brass craftsman
mularz, murarz stone mason
muzykant instrumentalist
mydlarz soap crafter
najemnik hired worker
nauczyciel educator, tutor
oberzysta pub owner
ogrodnik plant gardener
pachciarz garden tenant
palacz furnace operator
parobek agricultural hand
piekarz bread baker
pisarz writer, author
piwowar ale brewer
podkahalny junior kahal member
podrabin deputy rabbi
podszkolnik shammes assistant
poeta verse writer
pogrzebacz burial worker
policjant law officer
poslugacz porter, helper
producent product maker
przekupien goods huckster
przemysl industrial sector
przewoznik boat operator
przybior attire, gear
rabin religious leader
radzic, doradca counsel, adviser
rewizor audit controller
robotnik laborer
robotnik rolny agricultural laborer
rolnik crop farmer
rozny varied
rybak fish catcher
rysownik sketch artist
rzemieslnik skilled craftsman
rzezak circumcision expert
rzezbiarz statue carver
rzeznik meat butcher
sklepikarz store owner
skornik hide tanner
slodownik malt producer
sluzacy household servant
smolarz tar producer
solny saline
stelmach wheel crafter
stolarz wood carpenter
straznik, stroz guardian, sentry
strycharz tile maker
stypendysta funded scholar
sukiennik textile draper
szewc footwear maker
szklarz glass crafter
szkolnik synagogue official
szmuklarz lace merchant
szpektor teaching aide
szpitalnik medical facility worker
szpekulant loan provider
szwaczka stitching expert
szynkarz tavern keeper
slusarz key maker
tapicer furniture upholsterer
targownik market peddler
terminator trainee
tkacz fabric weaver
tokarz lathe operator
towar merchandise, goods
uczen learner, student
uczony scholar, academic
urzednik office clerk
waciarz quilt crafter
wapniarz lime producer
wiernik fiduciary
winnik vintner
wlasciciel property owner
wloscianin rural peasant
wyrobnica female laborer
wyrobnik male laborer
wyszynkarz inn operator
wytwórca goods producer
zebrak street beggar
zegarmistrz timepiece maker
zlotnik precious metal smith
znachor traditional healer
zniwiarz crop harvester
zolnierz military personnel

The Evolution of Occupations in Poland

The landscape of occupations in Poland has witnessed a significant transformation over the centuries. This evolution is not just a testament to the changing socio-economic fabric of the country but also mirrors the broader shifts in European history.

During the medieval period, Poland’s economy was predominantly agrarian. Occupations during this time were deeply rooted in agriculture and land cultivation. Rolnik (Farmers) formed the backbone of society, working tirelessly to produce food for the nation. Włóścianin (Peasants), although lower in the social hierarchy, played an equally vital role in the rural economy.

With the onset of the Renaissance and the subsequent influx of trade and commerce, urban centers in Poland began to flourish. This period saw the rise of Kupiec (Merchants) who engaged in trade, importing luxury goods from distant lands and exporting Polish staples. Artisans, like Kowal (Blacksmiths), Szewc (Shoemakers), and Tkacz (Weavers), showcased their skills in bustling market squares, reflecting the growing importance of craft and trade.

The Industrial Revolution in the 19th century further diversified the occupational landscape. Factories sprouted in cities, leading to a surge in industrial jobs. Fabrykant (Manufacturers) established industries, while Robotnik (Workers) toiled in factories, marking a shift from agrarian to industrial professions.

The 20th century, with its two World Wars, brought about significant disruptions but also led to the modernization of many sectors. The post-war era saw a rise in service-oriented jobs, with professions like Lekarz (Physicians), Nauczyciel (Teachers), and Inżynier (Engineers) becoming more prevalent.

Today, while many traditional occupations have become obsolete, they remain an integral part of Poland’s rich genealogical tapestry. By understanding these professions, one can gain deeper insights into their ancestors’ lives, societal status, and the challenges they might have faced. At GenealogyTour.com, we aim to bridge this historical gap, helping individuals reconnect with their roots through the lens of occupational history.

At GenealogyTour.com, we pride ourselves on offering extensive genealogy research, from preliminary database searches to advanced on-site investigations. Our genealogy tours, both tailor-made and group-based, span across Poland and the rest of Europe, ensuring you get a comprehensive experience. Dive into the world of Polish occupations genealogy with us and discover the stories that have shaped your lineage.

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