Michelle and Ann

We had a great experience with genealogytour.com. Tom our guide and researcher, found records going back 3 generations beyond what I had been able to locate myself. He picked us up at our hotel. The car was comfortable and spacious. During the drive, Tom shared information about Polish history to provide context to the visit to my ancestral home. We visited the church my great great great grandfather was married in and found graves of several distant relatives. We walked the cobblestone streets that my ancestors walked over 100 years ago.  Tom’s preparation for our tour was thorough and relevant. He was skilled in connecting with local townspeople to facilitate our connection with our family history. He went out of his way to find every tangible connection and to make us comfortable. I strongly encourage others to work with genealogytour.com to bring their Polish heritage alive. It was a moving experience and exceeded my expectations.

person visiting Polish graveyard, finding graves of Polish family