Marie & Alan

We are so glad you asked for comment on the tour. We thoroughly enjoyed it. We were mainly on this tour to see Gdansk and it proved to be wonderful. The guide (whose name I forgot) was really good. The Solidarity museum was exceptional, wish we could have stayed there longer.

All the towns were beautiful and we were glad the hotels were near the market squares in all of them. It was fun to sit and have a drink or two and watch the people. The lunches we had were better than we expected, very very good as well as the hotels we stayed at.

Adam Zalewski was a great tour guide and a good driver. He was totally involved to make sure everyone was taken care of.

We had such a good group of people in our tour. There were only 8 of us but it was perfect. We all got along and everyone seemed to care about each other.

The archive visits were very enlightening even though I didn’t need to see any records.

There was nothing that we didn’t like about our Poland tour.

Thanks for asking.

Marie and Alan Vause

smiling family, posing to the camera