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Lipinki, District Rzeszów

During the local research we usually try to focus on three activities: researching the vital records kept in a local parish, interviewing some older inhabitants of the village, checking the local cemetery in order to find grave of your ancestors. Visiting Lipinki we started with the parish office where we got access to books from 1826 to 1905.  A hudge number of records was found because our client’s grandfather had 14 siblings!

Afterwards we found our client’s second cousins who gave us more details about the family, showed us old documents and family pictures, and revealed amazing family stories.

The last part of the was a visit at the small local cemetery where we found and took pictures of family graves from the end of 19th century. It turned out that one of the grave stones was founded by the family members who immigrated to the United States – including our client’s grandfather.