Linda, PGSA ‘Prussian cirlce’

The Prussian Circle Tour with Adam and my fellow travelers was the perfect travel scenario, especially for my first visit to Poland and with my love of genealogy!  The small group, personalization, the focus on family history and history of the area, as well as the cultural experiences made for a fabulous trip.  Adam, Lucasz and my tour mates were such a fun, knowledgeable and helpful group.  It was amazing to see and experience parts of Polish history going back to the 10th century through the archives, castles, churches, cathedrals, museums and Copernicus’ house and museum.  Even fairly recent history, like the Solidarity movement which I remember as a student, was incredible to see through the Solidarity Museum.  It was fun to experience the culture through the piernicki museum in Torun (and make our own gingerbread) as well as all the foods we got to try.  Adam did a fantastic job of arranging all different types of restaurants and foods for us to try and they were all excellent and incredibly filling!!  Our hotels were in great locations to experience the market squares with easy access to a lot of shops, restaurants, and other amenities like the post office, kantors, etc.  Also, the hotels were all great with a variety of styles from very historic to more modern.  All the staff at the hotels was very helpful as well.

I especially remember one night when I think six of us ended up together in our hotel restaurant for dinner.  We must have spent a couple of hours exchanging information, sharing experiences, teasing each other and just laughing so much!  And we didn’t get kicked out!

The only slight downside of the trip (which had nothing at all to do with the tour itself!) was I didn’t have luggage for 3 days due to a strike in Copenhagen.  But, I didn’t let it stop me or put a damper of the trip!  I had put an extra outfit in my carry on and I highly suggest that everyone does that-just in case!

I highly recommend Adam and his company and the rest of the folks he worked with to put this together.  And, thank you so much, Robert, for all your efforts to put this and all the other tours together to make these experiences possible!  I would definitely want to go back!  And, I have lots of information in which to try and further my family research.  Maybe by my next opportunity I will even know what exact parishes my family came from!

Thank you again, Robert!  And, if you have any questions or want any further info, please feel free to call or e-mail!


Linda Grevera