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Kolomyja, Ukraine

Once we found all the records we were able to locate in Poland we headed to Ukraine to a city of Kolomya. Our first stop there were a post office and a registry office. Sadly no telephone books mentioning the names we were interested in were kept at the post office but after a prolonged conversation with the employee we were informed that she had found information about the people who we were probably looking for in her computer database. We were not able to confirm the information at the local registry office but decided to go to the addresses we had obtained.

When we arrived to the first block of flats, we were informed by the neighbors of the person we were looking for that she lived in Italy most of the time. We were not able to get her phone or Italian address so we drove to the second house. The residents of the house were an elderly lady and her son. They did not seem to have a lot of information about their Canadian relatives and it seemed that most of their Ukrainian family members were already dead at that time. But at least we found them and could visit the graves of their family members (and our client’s relatives) at the local cemetery. We went there the next day. Despite little information and challenging circumstances, we managed to find our client’s living relatives, the graves and some records concerning the family.