John – USA

I have had great success using Genealogy Tour for researching and revealing my family history going back to the late 1600s. Genealogists Nadzeya Rozbytskaya and Adam Zalewski provided exceptional detailed summaries based on thorough examination and analysis of many original documents and important records from local governmental units and churches.

They did a thorough investigation on my maternal and paternal grandparent’s families revealing information that I would not have found on my own.  The genealogy summaries provided detail narratives, maps of the area in Poland where their family were originally from, and photocopies of original records.  

Wow!  I couldn’t imagine all the time and effort they put into this. I learned that all four of my grandparents came to America by boat in the early 1900s from different areas of Poland.  Each of them found jobs, initially residing in Vermont and Minnesota, finding each other, getting married and raising a family. 

Both set of grandparents relocated to Hamtramck, Michigan in the late 1910s finding work in the automobile industry.  My parents had very limited knowledge of the area their parents came from, their birthdates, when they left Poland for America, how they came here, if they were traveling alone or with someone, and where they first settled after arriving in the United States.

Answers to these questions and more were provided in the genealogy summaries written by Nadzeya and Adam.  I am looking forward to a future trip to Poland to be arranged by Genealogy Tour, traveling to the areas where my grandparents were born and raised and where past generations lived and current relatives reside.  I would have never known all of this if it weren’t for their extraordinary research and amazing detailed summaries.

Thank you Nadzeya and Adam.