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Birth certificate in polish

Birth Certificate in Polish: A Guide to Tracing Your Roots

Discovering your family history is an enriching journey, and obtaining a birth certificate in Polish is often a critical step in this process. At GenealogyTour.com, we specialize in helping you navigate the complexities of Polish genealogy. In this post, we explore the process of obtaining Polish birth certificates, especially vital for those with ancestral ties to Poland.

The Modernization of Polish Registry Offices

On March 1st, 2015, a significant advancement was made in Poland’s registry offices with the launch of a new electronic system. This system ensures that every birth, marriage, or death certificate issued after this date is available in any registry office in Poland. This development greatly facilitates the process of obtaining these vital documents, regardless of where they were initially issued.

Accessing Older Records: Connecting Past and Present

But what about documents dated before the advent of the electronic system? The good news is that older records have also been incorporated into this system. For documents that fall outside the 100-year threshold for births or 80-year threshold for marriages and deaths, they are transferred to local national archives, which is where your search should be directed.

Locating the Correct Registry Office

Identifying the appropriate registry office, or “Urząd Stanu Cywilnego,” is the first step. Each municipality in Poland, known as a “gmina,” typically has its own registry office. For smaller villages, you should look to the gmina they belong to. Helpful resources like https://www.gov.pl/web/mswia/urzedy-stanu-cywilnego and http://www.gminy.pl/ can assist in this process.

Making Your Request: Language and Details Matter

Communicating with Polish registry offices in Polish increases the efficiency of your request. A well-crafted email should include key details such as names, dates, and places of birth, along with parents’ names. We provide an example email template for obtaining a birth certificate, which can be modified for marriage or death records as well.

Options for Ordering Documents

Once you have confirmation that the registry office holds the document you need, there are two ways to order it: in person or through an authorized individual. If you’re not in Poland or don’t speak Polish, having a trusted person in Poland handle this can simplify the process.

The Process of Ordering Documents Personally

When ordering documents yourself, you’ll need to fill out a form (specific to each Registry Office), provide payment confirmation, and submit documents confirming your relationship with the person whose record you’re requesting. This form will vary, but generally includes information about you (the applicant) and the specific document you’re requesting, whether it’s a birth, marriage, or death certificate.

Obtaining Documents Through an Authorized Person

If you choose to have someone in Poland request the document on your behalf, you’ll need to provide them with a notarized authorization document, which must be in Polish. This option incurs an additional cost but can be more convenient for those not residing in Poland.

Patience and Persistence in Genealogical Research

After submitting your request, processing times can vary. Documents in the electronic database are typically quicker to obtain. However, it’s important to be prepared for possible delays, especially with older records that might not be digitized. In case of a declined request, remember you have the right to appeal. Acquiring a birth certificate in Polish is a crucial step in piecing together your family history. This process, though sometimes daunting, opens doors to discovering more about your heritage. At GenealogyTour.com, we are dedicated to guiding you through every step of this journey, ensuring you reconnect with your Polish roots in the most meaningful way.

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