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If you are aware of your Polish heritage and have any additional information about those who came from Poland, and are interested in any of the following:


Creating your family tree from zero;


Expanding your family tree or adding exact dates and details to it;


Finding an exact place of origin of your ancestors;


Learning about their occupation, social status, nobility, etc;


Genealogy translations of letters your family used to receive from relatives in Poland, or any documents related to your family history, written in Polish, German, Latin or Russian;


Confirming your Polish heritage in order to apply for Polish passport or citizenship;


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Our dedicated researcher discusses the results with you, answer your question, and suggest further steps if needed.

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    preliminary research

    If you are beginning your adventure with genealogy and would like to confirm if your family is Polish, learn the proper spelling of the surname, what religon they were, or where exactly they came from.


    Go beyond the family tree – find living relatives, learn the exact location of your ancestors’ origin, discover graves of your forefathers. It is also a great preparation or even an alternative to a personal visit to Poland.

    Recent research

    Moszyce, Lower Silesia

    Moszyce, Lower Silesia

    Sometimes old photos found in grandma’s house bring a desire to find contact with a long lost family. We had only a few photos, a piece of a letter from 1950 ties, and two full names. No idea about the name of a town or village. Does it seem like a hard task? not for us.

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    Zieliniec, Greater Poland

    Zieliniec, Greater Poland

    Even if you think that you have some detailed, factual information about your ancestors you may have to come across one or two surprises once you start the research. And you will probably find a ton of new information and learn not only about facts such as dates of birth but also happy and tragic stories of your relatives. You might learn that they fought in a war or had many siblings to play with.

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    Katowice, Silesia

    Katowice, Silesia

    Our clients are sometimes interested in finding the houses their ancestors lived in as well as their burial places. It seems to be an easy task, especially if they have documents with the addresses of the people in question. But not everything is as easy as it seems and even if you have a detailed address you might hit a wall or find yourself lost in a park.

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