Reliable genealogy research

Located in Poland, serving hundreds of clients successfully for over 7 years, we encourage you to try our services.

The combination of technology and experience gives us an extraordinary knowledge about our customers’ origin, family trees and much more…

Let’s start with finding the area of Poland where your family come from.


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Free of charge preliminary research

On the bases of your request we estimate what information we could get depending on the availability of records.

To proceed, please send us all you have found so far:

  • Names & surnames of your Polish ancestors
  • Dates of births and deaths,
  • Names of villages,
  • Year of emigration
  • Any copies of records, photos, documents

We go through it, check our databases to inform you what information might be available in further research and at what cost. This part is totally costless.

Advanced genealogical research, payable service

Operating in Poland enables us to get personally to the archives in Poland, Germany, Czech, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia

We offer:

  • Searching for civil and parish records,
  • Obtaining land and property records,
  • Getting copies of the original documents,
  • Identifying and tracing unknown inheritors,
  • Applying for your Polish citizenship,
  • Expanding your family tree, and much more..

You can set up a budget for the research or we can estimate an approximate total cost for you, in advance.

Local research

This is the unique genealogy service as we work more like private detectives which usually brings amazing results. Visiting the places your ancestors originated from enables us to:

  • Reveal family stories,
  • Take photos to present you how the homeland looks nowadays,
  • Interview local inhabitants who might have known your ancestors,
  • Locate the original house or properties,
  • Find the cemetery and graves,
  • Introduce your Polish relatives to you

Any other service that you are looking for ?

No problem ! we are flexible. Please send us your request and we will focus on it.