Over 10 years ago Tom and Adam, took part in an internship program and visited Harrisburg, PA. where they spent 4 months. Being recognized as Poles, almost every day they’ve heard: ‘are you Polish? Great! My grandma was from Poland.. How do I find out more about her family?, ‘I’d like to visit Poland one day’, ‘Do you know what my surname means?’, etc.. Genealogy was already Adam’s passion while Tom already had some good background in tourism.. Shortly, after coming back to Poland they combined these two interest together and started GENEALOGY TOUR – a company that has successfully been providing the highest quality genealogical services for over 10 years…


Adam Zalewski is a co-founder of Genealogy Tour, researcher and tour guide for over 10 years. He is an expert on the genealogy of Roman Catholic, Evangelic and Greek Catholics families from Prussia, Pomerania and central Poland. He can communicate in English, German and Ukrainian. His other forte is local research – many people believe that he can find any grave in Poland. He is efficient and proactive when others procrastinate, he gives you result in no time. Adam is experienced in dealing with Polish registries of vital records, Polish administration, and local authorities. He also specialized in extraordinary tailor-made tours and is a perfect tour leader during our group tours. He is an open and enthusiastic person. Some customers say that he never gives up.

Tom Szymkowiak is a co-founder of Genealogy Tour. He has been conducting genealogy research for over 10 years tracing the lineages and history of Polish families, whose members have emigrated,  from the former territory of Poland.  His clients are mainly the citizens of the USA, Canada, Australia, Israel, and various European countries. By carrying out the research all over Poland Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia, and going in person to all the places that need to be visited, he is able to access the information which seems to be lost. His forte is the genealogy of Galician and Jewish families. He is a people person who makes friends easily so any family that he takes part in is not a family drama. He organizes and also guides memorable heritage trips across Poland and eastern Europe.
Tom speaks fluently Polish, English, German and Spanish and he is familiar with Latin and Russian which comes in handy when he needs to decipher old documents.

Marta Maćkowiak is an expert on Polish and Jewish genealogy with over 6 years of experience. She worked in the Genealogy Department of Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, has taken part in many international genealogy conferences and has participated in various trainings in order to develop her skills.  While Jewish ancestry is Marta’s expertise, she can also provide an enormous help reaching out to the documents from Greek-Catholic – , Roman-Catholic –  and Protestant churches are concerned.
She loves old photos, cats, family mysteries and detective aspect of the genealogy research.
Marta speaks Polish, English, French and Hebrew. She also reads handwritten Cyrillic, Latin and knows the basics of Hindi.

Anna Orłowska

She expresses in words even the most complicates family stories which are presented to our clients in the form of reports. She deciphers even faded documents handwritten in Cyrillic alphabet. She makes sure that you are up to date with the most important information about Polish history and current affairs by posting it in social media.