Marta Maćkowiak


Marta is an expert on Jewish genealogy with 5 years of experience. She worked in the Genealogy Department of Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, has taken part in many international genealogy conferences and has participated in various trainings in order to develop her skills.  She loves old photography, family mysteries and detective aspect of the genealogy research. Marta speaks Polish, English, French and Hebrew. She also reads handwritten Cyrillic, Latin and knows the basics of Hindi.

Adam Zalewski

is a Founder and Co-Owner of Genealogy Tour, researcher and tour guide for over 15 years. He is an expert on the genealogy of Roman Catholic, Evangelic and Greek Catholics, Pomerania, and Poland.

Tomasz Szymkowiak

is a Co-founder of Genealogy Tour. He has been conducting genealogy research for about 15 years tracing the lineages and history of Polish families, whose members have emigrated from Poland and Ukraine.