The most extensive from our tours enables you to explore the rich Jewish heritage not only of the amazing part of Poland once called Galicia, but also other worth seeing towns on the way from Warsaw, including Lublin and Zamość. Prepare yourself for exquisite sights, tasty food and a Klezmer music concert…

Towns: Warszawa – Kaziemierz Dolny – Góra Kalwaria – Lublin – Bełżec – Zamość – Przemyśl – Sanok – Łańcut – Leżajsk – Rzeszów – Tarnów – Kraków – Oświęcim/Radom – Warszawa

Duration: 7 days (6 nights in: Lublin, Zamość, Sanok, Łańcut, Kraków)

Dates: August 11th – 18th, 2018

Day 1

The route will take us from Warsaw to Kazimierz Dolny with a stopover in Góra Kalwaria which used to be the most important center of Hasidism in Poland. According to a legend a town of Kazimierz was built by king Kazimierz the Great for his Jewish lover, Esterka. The town is a picturesque place popular with artists. We will pay a visit to its 18th century synagogue and a Jewish cemetery. Then we will go to Lublin and spend the evening going around the city. We will spot ‘the Grodzka Gate’ which was on the border between Christian and Jewish parts of the city.

Day 2

After the breakfest in our hotel in Lublin, we will see the Jewish cemeteries: the old and the new one (the latter is still in use). Then we will explore the ‘Chewra Nosim Synagogue’ that is still in use with its memorial room where old photos, books and other memorabilia help us learn about the life of Lublin Jews before the war. After lunch we will go to Bełżec – the first experimental concentration camp where during 10 months of operating nearly half a million people lost their lives. After that we will go to Zamość and spend the evening admiring the Renaissance architecture of the Old Town, a UNESCO world heritage site.

Day 3

In Zamość we will see the beautifully renovated Great Synagogue founded in the 17th century which currently serves as a temple and a Jewish cultural and educational center. A kahal house, mikvah and a statue of king David are located not far away. It is worth to remember that a prominent writer, I.L. Perec was born there. Our next destination will be Przemyśl  – where a Jewish community was present as early as 1030. On our agenda:  the ‘Scheinbach Synagogue’, the Jewish cemetery and the building that used to be the Gestapo’s headquarter. Afterwards  we will drive to Sanok and overnight there.

Day 4

In the morning we will move back in time. By visitng the open-air museum in Sanok you’ll get an opportunity to see how your ancestors used to live: the little Galician town was recreated there using the original houses and a wooden synagogue replica. Then we will go to Łańcut to see one of the most beautiful aristocratic residences in Poland and the adjacent synagogue from 1761. Not far away we will vist the cemetery in Leżajsk where Elimelech Weisblum of Lizhensk was buried and which is now visited every year by over 2.000 Hasids from all over the world. Then we go back to the hotel in Łańcut.

Day 5

We will start with The Ulma Family Museum located in Markowa. Then, a short drive to Rzeszów: the Old Town synagogue (now the house to the Jewish History Research Centre), the New Synagogue,  the former houses of prominent Jewish residents such as rabbi and politician Aaron Lewin,  the cemetery and the square of Ghetto Victims. Our next destination is Tarnów and one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in Poland (already existed in 1581!). We will spend some time walking around the lovely city center where the remains of Jewish past such as the original bimah, yiddish inscriptions and mezuzah traces can be found.  We will go to Kraków in the evening.

Day 6

The Royal Route and the underground museum will be a great introduction to the history of Kraków and the Jewish settlement in that former capital of Poland. We will enjoy lunch in Kazimierz – once a separate, independent town, now known as the Jewish Quarter of Cracow. You will be amazed by the number of synagogues and houses of prayer you are going to see there. The picturesque scenery and the unique atmosphere won’t let you leave so probably we will stay there until the concert of the Klezmer music starts. The music of the Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe will take you back in time.

Day 7

In the morning we will see the former Ghetto of Krakow – one of 5 major, metropolitan Jewish Ghettos created by Nazi Germany in the new General Government territory. Then, located nearby ‘the Oskar Schindler’s Factory’ . After lunch we will start getting back to Warsaw, visiting Radom – considered as the centre of the Jewish culture beccause of a number of educational institutions and sports clubs established there. Over 10.000 Jews emmigrated from Radom only in 1930’s. Alternatively, you may visit the Auschwitz-Birkenau Extermination Camp and go back to Warsaw by a fast and comfortable train.

PRICE: 6500PLN (around $1950 USD) per person, includes:

– Door-to-door comfortable transportation in a air-conditioned mini-van
– English speaking tour-guide travelling with you all the time
– Accomodation in at least 3* hotels in central location including bufee breakfast (1 night in Lublin, 1 night in Zamość, 1 night in Sanok, 1 night in Łańcut, 2 nights in Kraków,
– All of the entrance fees
– Genealogical support before and during the whole trip

Single suplement: 700PLN


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